About Me


Welcome to my blog, the aim of this blog is to teach everyone how to be confident in the kitchen. Whether you are already a baker or your just starting out this blog will hopefully have something for you. You can browse through my favorite recipes and some of my best tips.

You may want to know a bit about me, if you don’t then maybe don’t read this part. I was born in England and moved when I was younger to another country. My Aunties run a cafe where they sell cakes and also furniture. I loved all there cakes and wanted to make some like that all on my own. I started baking soon after and haven’t stopped since.I have signed up to a few online decorating courses however I have never had a decorating class, but please don’t let that put you off following because this is a space on the internet where I can share my tips with you and you can share your tips with me. I would love to have a space where everyone learns something and we can all have fun and enjoy baking! If that doesn’t sound like something you would enjoy then come on the journey anyway and trust me you will enjoy it!logo


See you guys later and I hope you enjoy and stay around on my blog!!!

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